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E Genius2

Congratulations to Professor Voit-Nitschmann and his team of the University of Stuttgart for setting several world records in electrically powered flight. With e-Genius they have once again demonstrated to have built the most capable electrically powered aircraft which currently is out there.

After the successes in the NASA Green flight Challenge in 2011 and the Green Speed Cup in 2013, where the previous and now improved world record for the furthest flight of an electrically powered aircraft was set, the team has yet again demonstrated the outstanding capabilities of e-Genius.

On July 15th and 19th in Serres (France) Pilot Klaus Ohlmann flew e-Genius to the following word records:

•    Completing a 100 kilometre (62.1 miles) flight with an average speed of 178.1 km/h (110.7 mph)
•    Completing a 500 kilometre (310.7 miles) flight with an average speed of 93.03 km/h (57.81 mph)
•    Setting a new record for the furthest distance flown: 504 kilometres (313.2 miles)
•    Maintaining an altitude of 6350 metres (20833 feet)
•    Reaching an absolute altitude of 6376 metres (20919 feet)
•    Time to climb to 6000 metres: 1:53 hours
•    Reaching a maximum speed of 229.7 km/h (142.7 mph) on a 15 km (9.3 miles) leg

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