Grob Aircraft AG

Congratulations to the Grob Aircraft AG for the Type Certificate of the new G 120TP. The Grob Aircraft AG is known a worldwide leading manufacturer of professional training aircraft for the military as well for the civil sector. It is an approved Design Organisation according EASA Part 21, Section A, Subpart J, Production Organisation according Part 21, Section A, Subpart G and Maintenance Organisation according Part 145.

A several years development time, the G 120TP was type certified as Grob’s first newly type certified design for more than 10 years. The G 120TP is entirely designed in composites and is powered by a Rolls Royce M250 B17F turboprop engine. With a power of 456 SHP / 380 SHP continuous, the G 120TP achieves excellent performance data. In the context of the CS-23 type certification programme, I was responsible for the timely planning and execution of certification tests on components level, the data analysis and the preparation of the appropriate compliance reports.