In less than 1.5 years from kick-off to first flight!

21st December 2021, Airfield Neuhausen ob Eck (EDSN) / Germany.

Less than one and a half years after kick-off, the A50 Junior has successfully performed its maiden flight.

Shortly before Christmas, test pilot Sören Pedersen took off with the 600kg-UL from Neuhausen ob Eck airfield (EDSN). During the 15-minute first flight, basic controllability, stability and flight performance were tested before the prototype landed smoothly. The joy was great for all involved, especially after positive feedback from the test pilot.

The most recent project of the Swiss Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG is based on the original Junkers A50 from 1929 and is nevertheless a modern ultralight aircraft. In addition to the Rotax 912iS, an MT propeller, Beringer brakes, a Galaxy GRS rescue system and, with the Garmin G3X Touch™, the latest avionics are installed. The A50 Junior is built by Kaelin Aero Technologies in Oberndorf in southern Germany.

Kasaero is proud to support this exciting project all the way from design to certification. About 15 months before the first flight, Kasaero started with certification planning, system design, load and performance analysis. Certification lab tests started six months prior to first flight. Kasaero also executes the flight testing and the entire compliance showing. This progress is made possible by the excellent cooperation between Junkers Flugzeugwerke, Kaelin Aero Technologies, Kasaero and DULV.


About Kasaero: The Stuttgart-based company combines in-depth knowledge of theory with years of practical experience in the development of innovative high-performance aircraft and aircraft parts. The company was founded in 2008 by Karl Käser.

Contact person: Johanna Huang

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Pictures by Gregor Kaluza