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2 years after its outstanding achievements during the NSAS Green Flight Challenge the e-Genius has participated in another efficiency competition, the Green Speed Cup, and has won it by a mile. At the end of the competition the e-Genius with record pilot Klaus Ohlmann at the controls achieved four times the score of the second placed, demonstrating once again the superiority of the electric propulsion concept. Congratulations to Professor Voit-Nitschmann and his assistant researchers Len Schumann and Ingmar Geiss who currently are in charge of the operation of the e-Genius at the University of Stuttgart.


Also in the context of the competition, the e-Genius could log another world record for electric aircraft with a flight over 405 km. (251mi.). In operation, the e-Genius which remains technically unchanged except for maintenance work and modifications to subsystems since its first flight in 2011 consumes only approx. 1L/100km (200+ mpg).

The e-Genius was completed in only 8 months form October 2010 to May 2011 at the University of Stuttgart for the participation in the Green Flight Challenge by a team of students, university employees and external specialists as well as with the support of the SFL GmbH. Within this team I was responsible for the production management and all the related problems, thus contributing to the success of this great airplane. Only 3 weeks after the first flight a first distance record was already achieved in June 2011 with a remarkable flight over a distance of 341 km (211mi.).



"The competition aircraft e-Genius is probably the most modern electric aircraft at present, unmatched by the competitors concerning speed, energy consumption and noise exposure. Today, we do not only honour the idea but also the team’s impressive work managed by Prof. Voit-Nitschmann." With these words Baden Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Science, Research and Arts, Mrs. Theresia Bauer, honoured the e-Genius team Prof. Voit-Nitschmann, Steffen Geinitz, Clemens Gerlach, Karl M. Käser and Len Schumann when she handed over the trophies. The distinction took place at the government Department of Science, Research and Arts in Stuttgart on July, 25th 2012.

Among 500 competitors, the award winners performed best with their innovative project “Electric Aircraft e-Genius” at the competition called “Die Übermorgenmacher” (The makers of the day after tomorrow) which was organized by the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the broadcast station SWR.


Due to the growing mobility in our society, the knowledge/ know-how gained is of particular importance for the future of aviation, according to Minister Bauer. “The questions of environmental compatibility and safety are playing a major role. Here, the e-Genius offers a new important approach to solving a problem.” Further, she expressed that the project is exemplary of the innovative capacity and capability of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s aircraft designers and research environment.

The competition aircraft e-Genius was developed under the supervision of Prof. Rudolf Voit-Nitschmann at the Institute of Aircaft Design of the University of Stuttgart. Equipped with a 60 kW electric motor, the two-seater can manage a range of up to 500 km without any reserve fuel. On a 320 km flight with an average speed of 160 km/h, the energy consumption is only 37 kWh. This equals 0.6 l of fuel per 100km and passenger which was demonstrated at the “Green Flight Challenge 2011” of the NASA in San Francisco, a competition in which the most energy efficient aircraft was looked for. The e-Genius was placed second in this competition. Further, it was honoured with the “Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize“ as being the quietest aircraft at the “Green Flight Challenge 2011”.


PhilippDuring the graduation ceremony of the department of Aviation and Space Technology and Applied Geodesy of the University of Stuttgart on July 22nd 2012, Mr. Philipp Schleicher was honoured for his outstanding diploma thesis “Fuselage Construction of the e-Genius Platform”.

During his thesis, Mr. Schleicher was responsible for the design of the composite fuselage of the e-Genius und for the realization of the laminating layer plans. In addition to that, he also spent hours in the workshop supporting the team during the construction phase.

Congratulations and appreciation for the invaluable job he did on this project which is why he really deserves to be honoured for what he did for our team.





C. Gerlach, K. Käser, S. Geinitz, L. Schumann, R. Voit-NitschmannOn the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg also honoured a lot of “Übermorgenmacher” (The makers of the day after tomorrow) who are working on a very interesting project. Five of these prizes went to members of the e-genius team: Prof. Rudolf Voit-Nitschmann, Steffen Geinitz, Clemens Gerlach, Len Schumann and Karl Käser were all appointed “Übermorgenmacher”. As a reward they were honoured and got the opportunity to introduce there project to the press.

On one of the following days they were invited as award winners to the New Year reception of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Premier, Mr. Winfried Kretschmann into the New Castle of Stuttgart. Here, they had the opportunity to exchange information with other “Übermorgenmacher” and government representatives.


Klaus Ohlmann und Eric Raymond bei der Landung (Foto: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Klaus Ohlmann and Eric Raymond in the e-Genius (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

With our e-Genius, we were placed second at the “Green Flight Challenge 2011“ of the CAFE Foundation in Santa Rosa, California! First place was won by the team of Pipistrel with their electric aircraft „Double-Taurus“ G4. The e-Genius additionally won the “Lindbergh Prize for the Quietest Aircraft”, a competition which took place at the same time. The prize was handed over to our team by Lindbergh’s grandson, Mr. Erik Lindbergh.


Thanks a lot to the team of the University of Stuttgart for its outstanding achievement of realizing a fast, quiet and suitable for daily use (!) electric motor glider with a range of more than 350 km in such a short period of time.

Congratulations to the Slovenian winner team of Pipistrel for building an aircraft with the lowest consumption per passenger/ seat.



Eric Raymond und Karl Käser im e-Genius über Kalifornien

From Ramona airfield, California, the e-genius team could perform some more flights these days. These flights are part of the last preparations for the “Green Flight Challenge 2011” by NASA and Google taking place on 3rd of October at Moffett Field, California. Mr. Klaus Ohlmann, who is going to be in the cockpit with Mr. Eric Raymond during the competition, is reporting about the project’s progress on the website of the Institute of Aircraft Design.


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