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2 years after its outstanding achievements during the NSAS Green Flight Challenge the e-Genius has participated in another efficiency competition, the Green Speed Cup, and has won it by a mile. At the end of the competition the e-Genius with record pilot Klaus Ohlmann at the controls achieved four times the score of the second placed, demonstrating once again the superiority of the electric propulsion concept. Congratulations to Professor Voit-Nitschmann and his assistant researchers Len Schumann and Ingmar Geiss who currently are in charge of the operation of the e-Genius at the University of Stuttgart.


Also in the context of the competition, the e-Genius could log another world record for electric aircraft with a flight over 405 km. (251mi.). In operation, the e-Genius which remains technically unchanged except for maintenance work and modifications to subsystems since its first flight in 2011 consumes only approx. 1L/100km (200+ mpg).

The e-Genius was completed in only 8 months form October 2010 to May 2011 at the University of Stuttgart for the participation in the Green Flight Challenge by a team of students, university employees and external specialists as well as with the support of the SFL GmbH. Within this team I was responsible for the production management and all the related problems, thus contributing to the success of this great airplane. Only 3 weeks after the first flight a first distance record was already achieved in June 2011 with a remarkable flight over a distance of 341 km (211mi.).



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