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Klaus Ohlmann und Eric Raymond bei der Landung (Foto: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Klaus Ohlmann and Eric Raymond in the e-Genius (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

With our e-Genius, we were placed second at the “Green Flight Challenge 2011“ of the CAFE Foundation in Santa Rosa, California! First place was won by the team of Pipistrel with their electric aircraft „Double-Taurus“ G4. The e-Genius additionally won the “Lindbergh Prize for the Quietest Aircraft”, a competition which took place at the same time. The prize was handed over to our team by Lindbergh’s grandson, Mr. Erik Lindbergh.


Thanks a lot to the team of the University of Stuttgart for its outstanding achievement of realizing a fast, quiet and suitable for daily use (!) electric motor glider with a range of more than 350 km in such a short period of time.

Congratulations to the Slovenian winner team of Pipistrel for building an aircraft with the lowest consumption per passenger/ seat.



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