Your one stop shop for aircraft design & composite technology, manufacturing & certification.

With our knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering and our experience in aircraft manufacturing, our specialists support your projects in aircraft design and composite technology, aerodynamics, lightweight design and certification.

The services of Kasaero include a wide range of aerodynamics, lightweight and aircraft construction. In order to make our customers benefit we work together with a large number of universities, institutes and consulting engineers. Thus, we can offer the following services, partially in cooperation:

Windkanal am IAG der Uni StuttgartAerodynamics

  • Airfoil design
  • Aerodynamical design
  • Support during simulations
  • Manufacturing of wind tunnel models
  • Wind tunnel testing

Composite and lightweight design

  • Layout and calculations
    • Composites design with MicMac© in accordance with Prof. Tsai
    • Analytic calculations
    • FEM calculations
    • 3D CAD
  • Static load and fracture testing
    • Pre-planning
    • Setup and realsation
  • Support during prototype design until series production
    • Mould design and manufacturing
    • Assembly instructions
    • Professional training

Aircraft design

  • archaeopteryxPre-design
  • Load assumtion according to the relevant specifications
  • Performance analysis
  • Detail design
  • Mould design, prototype production and support during series production
  • Static load and fracture testing
  • Support during certification


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