Leading with the HYFLY H167: The Aviation Industry Advances Toward Sustainable

Technological Innovation The aviation industry stands on the brink of a technological revolution with sustainability as its focus. The HYFLY H167 project, to be unveiled at the upcoming GreenTech Festival in Berlin, is a prime example of this transformation. This project, a model of innovation, has come to life through the dynamic collaboration between Kasaero and PS-HyTech.

A Symphony of Technical Collaboration

Kasaero specializes in aircraft structures, systems, and certifications, bringing deep technical expertise to the table. PS-HyTech is an expert in hydrogen systems, including fuel cell systems and high-pressure storage solutions. Through their collaboration, they combined their capabilities to create the HYFLY H167, a testament to what can be achieved when creativity meets commitment. This partnership began in 2020 with a feasibility study exploring the potential of fuel cell applications for light aircraft. The study not only yielded promising results but also secured public funding, allowing for the full-scale development of the HYFLY project.

The Heart of HYFLY: Innovation and Integration

The HYFLY H167 is equipped with a modular hydrogen fuel cell engine specifically designed for light aircraft. This system, equipped with a 30-35 kW fuel cell, achieves a range comparable to that of conventional combustion engines and is environmentally friendly. Its spherical carbon fiber tanks, produced using advanced manufacturing processes, offer significant weight and cost advantages, ideal for the stringent weight restrictions in ultralight aircraft. 30-35 kW Brennstoffzelle, erzielt eine mit herkömmlichen Verbrennungsmotoren vergleichbare Reichweite und ist umweltfreundlich. Seine kugelförmigen Kohlenstofffasertanks werden mittels fortschrittlicher Fertigungsprozesse hergestellt und bieten erhebliche Gewichts- und Kostenvorteile, die perfekt auf die strengen Gewichtsbeschränkungen für Ultraleichtflugzeuge abgestimmt sind.

Presenting Sustainability at GreenTech

At the GreenTech Festival, visitors will witness the practical application of this revolutionary technology. The exhibit will showcase the main components of the HYFLY propulsion system: the engine, the fuel cell stack, and the hydrogen tank. These are not just display pieces but active demonstrations for a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient future in aviation.

The Future Is Now

The industry eagerly anticipates the launch of the HYFLY H167, which could potentially redefine the norms for air travel and foster a future where clean, efficient, and safe air travel is the norm, not the exception. With support from institutions like the University of Stuttgart and experts like test pilot Sören Pedersen from FlyingAD Ges.m.b.H., the HYFLY project is not just about technical feasibility but also about proving the economic viability and operational efficiency of hydrogen-powered flights.

As we gear up for the GreenTech Festival, the collaboration between Kasaero and PS-HyTech demonstrates how combining expertise and shared visions can pave the way for sustainable technologies. The HYFLY H167 is more than just a modular hydrogen fuel cell power system; it is a beacon of hope for a cleaner planet. Join us in Berlin and see how the future of aviation is taking off!