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Congratulations to Jonker Sailplanes of South Africa and M&D Flugzeugbau on the Type Certificate of the JS1 Revelation.

Kasaero prepared the certification program for the new certification of the South African JS1 with the EASA in cooperation with the test pilot and certification specialist Sören Pedersen. A team of up to 7 Kasaero specialists supported Jonker Sailplanes and M&D Flugzeugbau subsequently in the realisation of the certification program. The JS1 Revelation is now conforming to the latest revision of the certification specification CS-22 and consequently to the latest safety requirements. The JS1 is currently flying very successfully in all international competitions in the 18m class and with 21m span also in the open class. As the first sailplane ever, the JS1 Revelation is now available fully type-certified with a jet sustainer engine as a fly-home solution. The engine is the also EASA type-certified MDTJ-42 jet turbine from M&D Flugzeugbau.

DSG Dornier Seastar CD2 | JS1 Type Certificate

 The new Dornier Seawings GmbH connects the legacy of the legendary Dornier-Werke and their many years of experience in aircraft design, development and production with new technologies and systems in the amphibious aircraft "Dornier Seastar CD2".

At the time of its initial certification in 1991, the Seastar was the biggest composite aircraft in series production, produced in classical wet lay-up, a technology which requires great knowledge and experience. Since the relaunch of the project in early 2014, up to 4 Kasaero specialists support Dornier Seawings with our comprehensive knowledge in aircraft design and mold design, composite technology and production technology.

tj 42 small | JS1 Revelation

The demand for small jet engines to be utilized in gliders and motor gliders increases steadily. The engines are adventageous in various situations, wether to bridge the distance between two thermals or to ensure a safe return to the airfield. The turbines themselves are usually based on ones from the field of model building, but these are often not powerful enough.

E Genius2

Congratulations to Professor Voit-Nitschmann and his team of the University of Stuttgart for setting several world records in electrically powered flight. With e-Genius they have once again demonstrated to have built the most capable electrically powered aircraft which currently is out there.

After the successes in the NASA Green flight Challenge in 2011 and the Green Speed Cup in 2013, where the previous and now improved world record for the furthest flight of an electrically powered aircraft was set, the team has yet again demonstrated the outstanding capabilities of e-Genius.

As of now, Dipl.-Ing. Li Shiyuan will support us in all issues of the engineering.

Mr Li graduated from the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a B.Sc. in Aircraft Manufacture and studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart with the major fields of study lightweight design, composites and aerodynamics.

Already during his studies, Mr Li gathered valuable experience in aircraft production and composite technology through his work at the electric aircraft project e-Genius and improved his knowledge with his project thesis and his diploma thesis on the aerodynamic design and the structural design of a wing for an UAV.



lishiyuan | JS1 TC

JS1 Type Certificate

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