HYFLY, a ZIM-funded collaborative project between Kasaero, PS-HyTech, Flying Ad and the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS), has won the Sustainable Aviation Award 2023 in the category "Energy Sources and Propulsion Systems for Aviation" at the AERO exhibition. The award recognizes the project's pioneering work in developing the first fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system for light aircraft, which enables quiet and CO2-free operation with a long range, setting a new standard for sustainable flying.

HYFLY wins the Sustainable Aviation Award 2023!

The HYFLY project grew out of a joint feasibility study conducted by Kasaero and PS-HyTech in 2020 to explore the potential and benefits of fuel cell applications for light aircraft. The project received public funding that enabled the two companies to design, develop and integrate the system into a flying demonstrator. Würzburg-Schweinfurt Technical University (THWS) joined the team and is conducting laboratory and ground tests of the fuel cell system and powertrain. FlyingAD in Austria supports the project in planning and conducting flight tests as well as practical evaluation.

As part of the HYFLY project, PS-HyTech's new pressurized hydrogen tank was unveiled, offering a 50% weight and cost advantage over previously available solutions. The overall system enables a 30% reduction in operating costs compared to conventional propulsion systems, representing a turning point in the industry. The tank and propulsion system will be installed in the Dornier Seawings DS-2C/HY amphibious aircraft, allowing the German-registered ultralight to achieve a maximum flight time of five hours, two hours more than the original Rotax internal combustion engine variant.

Kasaero is actively driving inventiveness in general aviation as an aircraft developer, manufacturer, supplier and certification expert. The HYFLY project is scalable, and the team is actively seeking partners who are willing to invest in both a financially and environmentally sustainable way. Specifically, aircraft manufacturers or OEMs can help the team take the next steps, including integrating their next system into the already EASA CS-23 certified Flight Design F2e aircraft.

The HYFLY project is an important milestone in the aviation industry's quest for sustainable solutions and demonstrates that the aviation industry is taking responsibility for its impact on the environment and working to reduce emissions. The HYFLY project sets a new benchmark for sustainable aviation and will undoubtedly pave the way for further innovation in the future.

The HYFLY project has shown that it is possible to push the boundaries of aviation technology while taking the environment into account. Thanks to the commitment and expertise of the HYFLY team, we can look forward to a future where flying is not only quiet, efficient and safe, but also sustainable.

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