About us

Who we are:

Kasaero GmbH is a versatile engineering provider for aircrafts and composites.

Stuttgart-based Kasaero brings a strong theoretical foundation and years of practical experience into developing cutting-edge, high-performance aircrafts and aircraft components.

"We love making it fly!"

What we do:

We plan, develop, design and consult. From engineering studies to fabrication and construction to final testing and certification, the Kasaero team is comfortable and ready to take on the most demanding projects. Creating aircraft is our thing. A selection of the services we can offer is listed on the Services page. Services beschrieben.

Where we stand out:

We work in a lot of fields expertise within aircraft design. Above all, we consider fibre composite technology as one of our strongest suits and our expertise in design and manufacturing as well as certifying composites as our unique selling point.

We are also top of the list when it comes to aircraft certification management. We find the best suitable way to type certification and we walk it together with our customers, regardless of the type and category of aircraft.


Kasaero was founded in 2008 by Karl Käser, a trained light aircraft builder and graduate aerospace engineer with a master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart. The dual education and being a sailplane pilot since the early age of 14 provide him an extraordinary skillset with highest value in the aerospace industry.

Rapidly increasing demand for Kasaero's services in the industry and a growing team soon called for a suitable company structure and so Kasaero was rebranded to Kasaero GmbH in 2014 with Karl Käser as CEO.

Since the beginning, Kasaero has been involved in innovative electric aviation projects such as the NASA Green Flight Challenge entrant e-Genius or Solar Flight’s unique solar powered two-seater Sunseeker Duo.

Since that we contributed to many different Projects. A selection of these projects are displayed in our References Section. References Seite sehen.

Our Team

Our team combines the know-how of the extreme light-weight construction with experience in designing, analysing and certifying aircraft. With our knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering and our experience in aircraft manufacturing, our specialists support all projects in aircraft design, aerodynamics, lightweight design and composite technology from the first concept until type certification and series production.

Kasaero draws top talent from one of the foremost aeronautical engineering departments in the world, the University of Stuttgart Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB).

IFB is well-known as one for combining academic learning and intensive practical hands-on projects. It is also home of the e-Genius, a winner of the 2011 NASA Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google.

Karl Käser


Claudia Schoberth

Stress Analysis, Verification, Certification, Team Management

Michael Schwarz

Airplane Systems, Aircraft Design, Certification

Stefan Thullner

Aircraft Design, Stress Analysis

Aikaterini Gatou

Aircraft Design

Tengluan Sui

Stress Analysis

Suha Atar

Stress Analysis, Aircraft Design

Kai Kemke

Aircraft Design, Stress Analysis, Verification

Angela Hoch

Airplane Systems

Nick Schneider

Aircraft Design

Liwen Zhang

Aircraft Design, Verification

Deniz Namli

Airplane Systems, Verification

Erick Vianello

Aircraft Design, Certification

Sandra Leonhardt

Aircraft Design

Dimosthenis Anagnostou

Electrical systems

Maximilian Goede

Certification, Verification

Hui-Chi Huang

Airplane Systems, Aircraft Design

Frank Dressel

Technical employee

Oskar Heuchert

Lightweight aircraft construction and composite technology

Ralf Storz

Lightweight aircraft construction and composite technology

Lennart Döcker

Lightweight aircraft construction and composite technology

Svenja Apfelbach

Office management, Assistent to the management

Margit Obst

Business Administration

Cornelia Loster

Business Administration

Johanna Huang

Marketing, PR Manager

Michael Thullner



Reliable networks and long lasting relationships form the basement of our success.

Even an experienced engineering provider such as Kasaero can't always cover peak workloads in every area of expertise within aerospace technology alone. That's why we concentrate on our core capabilities and use a wide area network of cooperation partners to fully cover all requirements of each individual project of our customers.

Together with our partners such as material specialists, test pilots, industrial designers or highly specialized manufacturers, we find the right solutions for almost every customer request and we are proud to be able to deliver best results.

Having a great network of aviation specialists and cooperation partners allows us to take on complex and demanding projects for customers worldwide. We compile teams best suited for specific challenges and we lead even big international integrated project teams to success.

M&D Flugzeugbau



Jacques Peugeot, specialized in FEM methods with focus on composite

Freiberger Aero

CAD Services

Günter Laux

Project management, Stress Analysis


Production of composite prototypes and small series, mould expert

Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart

Testing of composite components, identification of characteristics

Johannes Straub

Structural Design

Martin Pollak

Aircraft Systems, Safety Analysis and Certification


Patrick Hauser, Specialist for mould manufacturing

Ruppert Composite GmbH

Experts for lightweight design

Sika Deutschland GmbH

Laminating resins and materials for mould design

TS Luftfahrt Training & Beratung

Torben Schroeder, Partner for aviation training and Quality Management issues

Ursula Bochnig

Technical Drawings

Solar Flight Inc

Eric Raymond, world's leading solar aircraft specialist, specialist for laminated solar cell skins


Dr. Ing. Peer Frank, Aerodynamic Design